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Whether it’s optimizing manufacturing processes, managing traffic, or analyzing patient data in hospitals – IT solutions are essential in every industry today.

According to experts, the volume of digital information is expected to increase tenfold every five years. This explosive growth in machine-generated data is being driven by the steadily diminishing cost and steadily increasing power of computing and sensor technology, and by advances in miniaturization, wireless communication, data storage, decentralized intelligence, and algorithms.

Advanced IT solutions and software will be indispensable for controlling this development in the future. Information technology and software control increasingly complex processes, link data from sensors in equipment and machinery intelligently, and help interpret the information correctly – in industry and healthcare alike. This is the only way to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality on a sustainable basis.

  • Siemens Software and IT

    • Intelligent IT and Automation for Infrastructure & Cities

      Innovations and integrated infrastructure solutions such as smart grids, intelligent buildings and traffic control are key for a smart city and play an important role in intelligent urban development.

    • Industry Software

      With the merging of virtual and real production worlds, software and IT are the key factors for success. Industry-specific IT requires in-depth know-how about the key processes of each respective industry.

    • Healthcare Information Technology

      More personalized healthcare
      is beside other facts based on
      a quick access to relevant patient data. This is where Siemens Healthcare IT solutions
      come in.

    • Energy Software and IT

      Today’s power supply networks need to be transformed to provide a sustainable future of energy. Smart grids, equipped with information and communication technology, support this purpose.

    Security all around
  • Siemens Software and IT – Videos on information technology and software – Siemens Global Website

    Siemens Software and IT

    The world is full of information – see how Siemens customers can do more using software and IT from Siemens.

    IT solutions from Siemens
  • Traffic management system – Information technology and software – Siemens Global Website

    Intelligent traffic solution in Wuhan

    In Wuhan, China, a centralized traffic control system calculates the optimum signaling of 500 traffic lights, in order to avoid congestion as much as possible.

    Mastering complexity: Transportation systems
  • PLM software – Information technology and software – Siemens Global Website

    Exploring Mars with PLM software

    In August 2012, the research rover Curiosity landed on Mars and has since been exploring its surface. The entire system was developed and simulated with Siemens software.

    Virtually on Mars
  • Electronic medical records – Information technology and software – Siemens Global Website

    Electronic medical records

    The electronic medical records at University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, based on Siemens’ solutions Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Health Archive, was one key factor in the hospital’s success in reaching Stage 7 of the EMRAM AWARD.

    Top European ranking
  • Intelligent power distribution – Information technology and software – Siemens Global Website

    Intelligent power distribution

    In Wildpoldsried, Germany, Siemens shows how smart grids can work already today. Regulated power components and self-organizing software modules provide the necessary network intelligence.

    Intelligent power distribution

Software – both standalone and embedded – is an integral part of almost every Siemens product and has become the differentiating factor. And in-depth knowledge of complex applications – be it infrastructure solutions for smart cities such as smart grids, manufacturing technologies for higher productivity and efficiency, or the optimization of workflows through healthcare IT – is what will drive that software and keep Siemens ahead of its competitors.

Network security is playing an increasingly important role as the use of industrial information technology and software grows. Attacks on industrial facilities and infrastructure are a significant issue, especially since the Stuxnet computer worm became known in 2010. As one of the leading providers of industrial and medical software, Siemens is making every effort to make its products even more secure and to raise customer awareness of data security.

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