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Whether it’s optimizing manufacturing processes, managing traffic, or reading clinical images – digitalization is essential in every industry.

According to experts, the volume of digital information is expected to increase tenfold every five years. This explosive growth in machine-generated data is being driven by the steadily diminishing cost and steadily increasing power of computing and sensor technology, and by advances in miniaturization, wireless communication, data storage, decentralized intelligence, and algorithms.

Advanced IT solutions and software will be indispensable for controlling this development in the future. Information technology and software control increasingly complex processes, link data from sensors in equipment and machinery intelligently, and help interpret the information correctly – in industry and healthcare alike. This is the only way to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality on a sustainable basis.

Software – both standalone and embedded – is an integral part of almost every Siemens product and has become the differentiating factor. And in-depth knowledge of complex applications – be it infrastructure solutions for smart cities such as smart grids, manufacturing technologies for higher productivity and efficiency, or the optimization of workflows through healthcare imaging software – is what will drive that software and keep Siemens ahead of its competitors.

Cyber security is playing an increasingly important role as the use of industrial information technology and software grows. Attacks on industrial facilities and infrastructure are a significant issue, especially since the Stuxnet computer worm became known in 2010. As one of the leading providers of industrial and medical software, Siemens is making every effort to make its products even more secure and to raise customer awareness of data security.

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