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Flexibility and Modularity in pharmaceutical production

Digitalization brings new possibilities  and chances to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Digitalization in the glass industry

Networked means ready to work: how plant-wide automation and digitalization can secure your company’s success

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Food and Beverage
In a class of its own

SABMiller brewery group recently demonstrated that the new Sitrans LR250 HEA meets the high requirements of the beverage industry  in practice.

Food and beverage
Sweetening the pot

A Thai sugar manufacturer modernizes a sugar mill by Integrated Drive Systems und and increases the mill’s performance by 30 percent.

Food and beverage
Worth its salt

A salt manufacturer benefits greatly from automating its production analysis with a laboratory information management system.

Smart water

The water industry of the future will be smart and energy efficient to address the challenges of urbanization and the energy transition

Innovation in the mining and cement industries

Digitalization helps exploit synergies and optimization potential in challenging environments.

Ingenuity in Oil & Gas

The ingenuity to improve performance while minimizing risk across the oil & gas value chain - upstream, midstream and downstream - through a range of engineering solutions and innovative technologies.

The digital enterprise

How companies can benefit from the merging of real and virtual worlds.

Energy efficiency
Power guzzlers under control

Using IDS, Sleco increased the capacity of its waste incineration plant.

Automation technology
Safety underground

In an innovative roadheader used for working underground integrated automation technology ensures maximum safety and availability.

A digital brewmaster

How the intelligent linking of automation and digitalization is changing the beverage industry.

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Integrated Drive Systems
Up to date cement mills

For more efficient processes, a leading German manufacturer moved to the next generation of drives for gantry systems.

Drive technology
Quicker to the gold

One of the world’s biggest ore mills was built for a gold mine.

Micro breweries
Recipe for success

Based on traditional skills and the latest technology, artisan beer brewers take over the US.